Dixie Rose of BigLakeGoldens (SS07092706)
Sire: Sir Tank Ellison (SR89803007) 06-17 (OFA26G OFEL26)
Dam: Queen Koki Ellison (SR97668809) 11-17


Dixie Rose –  I drove all the way to Alabama to get Dixie Rose. Since I got her from the Heart of Dixie, the name was only fitting. Dixie became part of our pack in the middle of 2018. Her mom was SUPER dark. Dixie is the talker of the pack. She is not afraid to tell me how she feels or if I’m not giving her enough attention. She is a true diva indeed and loves to eat!

*Update 4/7/2024 – Dixie is now retired and is enjoying her time rolling on her back and playing tug-of-war against the Pugs. She has been, and will always be, the sweetest Golden I’ve ever owned.

Introducing Dixie Rose!

Dixie @ 4 months – curious

Dixie @ 4 months, looking at the leaves falling

Dixie @ 4 months, driveway