Jax Boy Milliken 

AKC Reg # – (SR97880005)    |    OFA cert – Good (GR-125716G25M-VPI) | DNA Profile #V893676

Sire: Big Shot Gunner (SR68110005) 02-13 (AKC DNA #V766647)
Dam: Brett’s Baby Bella (SR668324702) 02-14
Whelped: March 9, 2017


Jax –  Jax is our first boy. He has very quickly become my best friend and hunting buddy. He has single-handedly elevated my already sky-high respect for the breed. He’s exceptionally intelligent, VERY fast, athletic, can jump 4-5 ft in the air from a stand still, and is the best swimmer you’ll ever see. He is the ultimate competitor and always wants to be the one bringing back the ball in a game of fetch vs. the rest of the pack. He is tireless in his efforts to please his Alpha every minute of every day. Jax is 100% Field Golden. He is also, like me, born and raised in Louisiana.

*UPDATE 4/7/2024 – Jax has retired from breeding. It was a good run and he produced exceptional offspring since 2019. But now, it’s his turn to relax around the house and enjoy his Golden years on the couch, or in the yard, or wherever he chooses to go (which is usually wherever I choose to go). He’s earned it. Love this guy!



Jax on the scent

Jax, alert

Jax, alert and walking

Jax, in driveway