8-11-21 – We are still on track for Christmas puppies. We expect to start seeing some activity with Jax and Riley, Jax and Zoey in the upcoming weeks. If the schedule holds, puppies are expected in late October which means they’ll be ready to go home for Christmas! Get your name added to the contact list by filling out the “Contact Us” section!


6/19/21 – pictures from puppy pickup day. We had a great time. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are so excited you’ve found puppies that will be a part of your families for years and years to come.

5/6/21 – Zoey and Riley both had litters last week. Unfortunately, all puppies are already spoken for. It seems the trend (at least for the last several litters) is to get your name on the contact list. We have sold out, without exception, on each preliminary deposit day throughout 2020 and into 2021. Preliminary deposit day occurs about 2 weeks before the puppies are born. I do this to give our contact list people first shot at obtaining a puppy. You can be added to the contact list by filling out the “Contact Us” section. Pictured from left to right: Zoey and her 9 puppies (born 4-25-21), Riley and her 10 puppies (born 4-26-21).


3/17/21 – We just had puppy pick up day last weekend on March 13. We had such a great time! Met plenty of new friends who were so excited to finally meet their new fur babies. Can’t wait to do this again with our next round of puppies.

2/19/21 – Riley and Zoey have completed their year-long R&R. They have bounced back from their last litters tremendously and are both beautiful and healthy. I am expecting puppies from these two in May. Please let me know if you’d like to be added to the contact list by filling out the “contact us” section.



12/5/20 – We are projected to have two litters in late January, 2021. However, our waiting list is completely full for these litters. We are not adding any more names at this time. If you are interested in puppies from our May litters, please fill out the “contact us” section so I can get you added to the contact list. Thanks so much for your support!



10/7/20 – We are still on track for January/February litters. A few of the families who were in place for these litters have opted out, leaving only two spots accounted for, which is good news to people looking to get a puppy.

If you are interested in obtaining a puppy in January/February, please fill out the “contact us” section so I can get you added to the contact list. We will begin taking deposits for January’s litters in late December or early January.


thanks everyone,


8/12/20 – Just wanted to post a fresh update. Thank you to everyone who participated in the selections for our current litters. We wound up having a great deal of interest, where we received more deposits than puppies. Five families, who placed deposits for the current litters, but were not able to get a puppy this go-around, have all opted to move their deposits to the upcoming litters. This means the first five positions will already be accounted for on the first 2 litters of 2021, expected in middle January to early February. Thanks everyone!


6/26/20 – Thank you to everyone who inquired about puppies from the upcoming litters. I’m sorry to say our waiting list is full (very full) and there is no room for additional names at this time  I will make the announcement if anything changes. The next expected litters will be in February, 2021. Thanks everyone for your support!


6/3/20 – Dixie and Ginger have completed their heat cycles. We anticipate two litters in mid to late July from these two. We are very excited and will update the website as we get closer with pregnancy confirmations.

If you were interested please fill out the “contact us” section so I can add you to the contact list


** These will be the last two litters at the $850 price point. Due to increased overhead, we are forced to move to $950 starting Fall 2020


4/27/20 – we have received the maximum number of preliminary deposits for the upcoming litters. Thank you to everyone who made the decision to get a puppy from us. We are beyond thankful you chose us to go through this process with you. Stay tuned to the Big Lake Goldens Facebook page for photos and videos as we get closer!

4/7/20 – We are expecting two litters to be born on May 10th (Zoey) and May 17th (Riley). I have begun accepting names for the contact list. Those on the contact list will have first right of refusal on puppy deposits. If, after 72 hours, not all puppies are spoken for, I will make the announcement on the Big Lake Goldens Facebook page so the general public can place deposits on the remaining puppies. All non-refundable deposits are $250 and will be applied towards the purchase price ($850)  of the puppy.

If you are interested in being placed on the contact list, please fill out the information on the “contact us” section.


3/12/20- Jax and Zoey are mating this week. Puppies will be available in about 8-9 weeks. As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, I will be accepting deposits.