Jax Boy Milliken 

AKC Reg # – (SR97880005)    |    OFA cert – Good (GR-125716G25M-VPI) | DNA Profile #V893676

Sire: Big Shot Gunner (SR68110005) 02-13 (AKC DNA #V766647)
Dam: Brett’s Baby Bella (SR668324702) 02-14
Whelped: March 9, 2017


Jax –  Jax is our boy. He has very quickly become my best friend and hunting buddy. He has single-handedly elevated my already sky-high respect for the breed. He’s exceptionally intelligent, VERY fast, athletic, can jump 4-5 ft in the air from a stand still, and is the best swimmer you’ll ever see. He is the ultimate competitor and always wants to be the one bringing back the ball in a game of fetch vs. the rest of the pack. He is tireless in his efforts to please his Alpha every minute of every day. Jax is 100% Field Golden. He is also, like me, born and raised in Louisiana.


Jax eating a treat

Jax on the scent

Jax, alert

Jax, alert and walking

Jax, in driveway